Apply for Fernandes Fellowships at Warwick University, UK

The Fernandes Fellowships aim to develop lasting research collaborations between Warwick University and Europe.

The Fellowships will allow those in research, tenure-track or early academic positions at European institutions to undertake one or more visits to Warwick (up to a total of three months) to undertake a specific program of research and scholarship with their host and other collaborators, and engage with the wider Warwick research community.

The programme will run until December 2021. In total, 25 Fellowships are available over the three years.  Applications are welcome at any time.

The Fernandes Fellowships are open to researchers working in all subject areas. However, applicants working in the following research fields are particulary welcomed:

  • Human disease, particularly reproductive health, antimicrobial resistance, cancer and ageing

  • Data, artificial intelligence and associated ethics

  • Economics, management, behavioural science and governance

  • Energy, sustainability, and circular economy

  • Analytical technologies for healthcare, life science and the environment

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