Recent LDRn member publications / publications of interest

Richard Abel and David Trubek (eds), The Short Happy Life of the Yale Program in Law and Modernization: From the Cold War to Comparative Legal Sociology and Critical Legal Studies, Revista de Estudos Institucionais / Journal of Institutional Studies (2021), Vol. 7, No. 2 
Member publications
Kinnari Bhatt & Gamze Erdem Türkelli, OECD National Contact Points as Sites of Effective Remedy: New Expressions of the Role and Rule of Law within Market Globalization?, Business and Human Rights Journal , FirstView, 26 July 2021, pp. 1 – 26
Daniel Bradlow & Kevin P. Gallagher, Opinion: Making $650B in SDRs work for lower-income countriesDevex, 17 August 2021
Stéphanie de Moerloose, Indigenous Peoples’ Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)and the World Bank Safeguards: Between Norm Emergence and Concept Appropriation, VRÜ Verfassung und Recht in Übersee, Vol. 53, Issue 3 (2021), 223 – 244 (related blog post at IACL-AIDC)
Siddharth Peter de Souza and Thomas Dollmaier, The teaching of Law and Development: towards inclusiveness and reflexivity across time zonesInternational Journal of Law in Context, online 19 August 2021
Gamze Erdem Türkelli, “Children’s rights when financing development through multilateral development banks:  mapping the field and looking forward”, International Journal of Children’s Rights (2021) 29(1): 199-238.
Rachel Hammonds, Protecting the right to health through inclusive and resilient health care for all, Office of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, 2021
Giedre Jokubauskaite & David Rossati, A tragedy of juridification in international development finance“. Canadian Journal of Development Studies = Revue canadienne d’études du développement, 2021 
Arpitha Kodiveri, Our land is banked: forest rights, consent and the invention of a legal exception as land banks, The International Journal of Human Rights, Vol. 25, Issue 7 (2021) 1148 – 1167
Olivia Lwabukuna, The Responsibility to Protect IDPs: African and Kenyan Encounters, European Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, 8 September 2021.
Aleydis Nissen, ‘Business and human rights: the role of European Union member states in developing accountability mechanisms for corporations from developing and emerging states’ (PhD dissertation) -awarded the Andrés Bello Prize (Institut de Droit International)
Salvador Santino F. Regilme Jr., Aid Imperium: United States Foreign Policy and Human Rights in Post-Cold War Southeast Asia, University of Michigan Press, 2021
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Watch: highlights of the Encyclopedia of Law & Development festive launch

On 12 March 2021, the Law & Development Research Network (LDRN) and the University of Antwerp Law & Development Research Group held a festive online launch for the Encyclopedia of Law and Development, a collaborative creation of editors and authors from across and beyond LDRN.

Watch the highlights below or on the LDRN Youtube channel!

Join us for the festive launch of the Encyclopedia of Law & Development! | University of Antwerp (online), 12 March 2021


FRIDAY 12 MARCH, 3 – 4.30 PM CET (UTC+1)

Register here!

Encyclopedia of Law and Development

 Edited by Koen De Feyter, Gamze Erdem Türkelli and Stéphanie de Moerloose

Associate Editors : Philipp Dann, Celine Tan, Elina Pirjatanniemi, Avinash Govindjee

Published by Edward Elgar

Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78811 796 8 Extent: 336 pp

The Encyclopedia is a collaborative effort of LDRn, the Law and Development Research Network

Read the introductory chapter here

This Virtual Panel discussion celebrates the publication of the Encyclopedia of Law and Development.  Our panelists will reflect on the state and future of law and development research.  Short presentations will be followed by an exchange with the audience, moderated by Encyclopedia General Editor Gamze Erdem Türkelli.

Our panelists include:

Stéphanie de Moerloose, Austral University, Buenos Aires

Nadia Latif, Smith College, Northampton (US)

Ada Ordor, University of Cape Town

Daniel Mathew, National Law University New Delhi

Abdul Paliwala and Sam Adelman, University of Warwick

Philipp Dann, Humboldt University of Berlin

Please register here

A special launch discount is available from Edward Elgar Publishers

  • 30% for readers in OECD countries – discount code: DFEY30
  • 60% for readers in non-OECD countries – discount code: DFEY60
  • An e-book edition for individuals is also available from Google Play at an accessible price

This event is hosted by the University of Antwerp Law and Development Research Group, in conjunction with the Law & Development Research Network

Book launch: The Limits of Law and Development Neoliberalism, Governance and Social Justice | University of Warwick / LDRN (online) | 3 March 2021, 13h00 – 14h30 UTC




The book examines the well-established field of ‘law and development’ and asks whether the concept of development and discourses on law and development have outlived their usefulness.

The contributors ask whether instead of these amorphous and contested concepts we should focus upon social injustices such as patriarchy, impoverishment, human rights violations, the exploitation of indigenous peoples, and global heating? If we abandoned the idea of development, would we end up adopting another, equally problematic term to replace a concept which, for all its flaws, serves as a commonly understood shorthand? The contributors analyse the links between conventional academic approaches to law and development, neoliberal governance and activism through historical and contemporary case studies.

All the contributors to the book have studied, taught or had a close association with the University of Warwick Law School and most of them will be participating in the session. A number of contributors and discussants are also active in the Law & Development Research Network (LDRN).

Contributors: Sam Adelman, Upendra Baxi, Radha D’Souza, Julio Faundez, Tomaso Ferrando, Peter Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Lander, Abdul Paliwala, Sol Picciotto, Issa Shivji, William Twining

Chair: Christine Schwobel-Patel (Warwick Law School)

Discussants: Martha Gayoye (Warwick Law School) and Professor Koen de Feyter (University of Antwerp / Law and Development Research Network)

Please use this link to join

This event is in conjunction with the Law and Development Research Network

New issue paper: Rachel Hammonds, “Protecting the right to health through inclusive and resilient health care for all” (Office of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, 2021)

LDRN member Dr. Rachel Hammonds, of the University of Antwerp Law & Development Research Group (an LDRN partner institution), recently authored the Issue Paper on Protecting the right to health through inclusive and resilient health care for all for the Office of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights. The paper forms the basis for 12 recommendations by Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatović to member states. The recommendations set out the various components required to deliver inclusive and resilient health care systems and underline the need for a broader social rights perspective taking into account the social determinants of health.
The paper is intended as a tool to help governments address the urgency of protecting the right to health in an environment where health inequalities have been growing and causing significant social, human and economic costs to individuals and societies. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded this situation, exposing the weaknesses of health care systems strained by years of austerity, economic difficulties and neglect.

Call for submissions: Elgar Studies in Law, Development and Global Justice

Call for submissions: Elgar Studies in Law, Development and Global Justice

The series editors, John Harrington, Celine Tan and Wouter Vandenhole (from LDRN partner institutions Cardiff University, University of Warwick, and University of Antwerp respectively)  welcome submissions to the Elgar Studies in Law, Development and Global Justice book series.

This series explores the relationship between law, development and global justice. It provides a platform for critical engagement with and interdisciplinary perspectives on the role and impact of law, defined in its broadest and most pluralistic sense, on economic development and social and political organisation. The series seeks contributions animated by a concern with global, social and gender justice, broadly understood, and welcomes both theoretically and empirically informed approaches to these issues. The series particularly welcomes contributions focused on and originating from the global south. Proposals are sought across the wide range of substantive legal areas, such as international trade and investment law, intellectual property law, international development law, environmental law, human rights, gender and the law, constitutional law, health law, housing and land law, and strategic and public interest litigation. It also seeks innovative work on the pedagogy and methodologies of law and development.

The series aims to bring scholarship on and from the global south to the widest possible audience, and the publisher is committed to ensuring the widest possible access. In particular, books are included in two schemes which provide free or low-cost access to libraries in developing countries.

Please see the website of the Elgar Studies in Law, Development and Global Justice for further details.

The Encyclopedia of Law and Development is here!

Koen De Feyter, Gamze Erdem Türkelli & Stéphanie de Moerloose (eds), “Encyclopedia of Law and Development” (Edward Elgar, 2021)

The Law and Development Research Network (LDRN) is thrilled to announce that the Encyclopedia of Law and Development is now available from Edward Elgar Publishing. This encyclopedia is the outcome of a long collaboration among editors and associate editors from six LDRN partner institutions, as well as around 80 contributors, including a large number of individual LDRN members (full list below). It will be accessible to institutions in the Global South via EIFL and GOALI

An online launch event will be announced soon. Subscribe to the LDRN newsletter to stay up to date!

This Encyclopedia is an indispensable resource on law and development  which brings together various approaches, contextualised histories, recent developments and forward-looking insights. It is an invaluable reference for scholars seeking to engage with issues at the intersection of law and development, and provides a thorough but concise overview for post-graduate students.

The Encyclopedia showcases a variety of perspectives and voices, featuring both emerging and senior researchers, as well as a majority of contributors from the Global South. This reflection of the diversity of the field and its future direction also makes the Encyclopedia a useful source for law and development curricula globally.

Read the introductory chapter here

‘The full realization of the right to development is still a long quest for the international community. This unique and pioneering Encyclopedia reveals and deconstructs the power of law in achieving development in its economic, social, cultural, environmental and political dimensions. De Feyter, Erdem Türkelli and de Moerloose have concocted a masterpiece that highlights how lawyers can contribute to the welfare of the developing world as much as Amartya Sen.’
– Makane Moïse Mbengue, University of Geneva & SciencesPo Law School

An online launch event will be announced soon. Subscribe to the LDRN newsletter to stay up to date!


General Editors: 

Koen De Feyter, University of Antwerp

Gamze Erdem Türkelli, University of Antwerp

Stéphanie de Moerloose, Universidad Austral 

Associate Editors: 

Philipp Dann, Humboldt University Berlin (Actors)

Avinash Govindjee, Nelson Mandela University (SDGs)

Elina Pirjatanniemi, Åbo Akademi University (Governance & Human Rights)

Celine Tan, University of Warwick (Economic Law)

Editorial Assistant: Alberto Pecoraro, University of Antwerp

Contributors: F. Adebisi, T. Adebola, S. Airey, M. Ajigboye, A. Asteriti, V. Bellinkx, J. Bendel, M.V. Berros, K. Bhatt, J. Botha, D. Casalin, D.R. Coutinho, L. Crouse, P. Dann, D. Davitti, K. de Feyter, R. de Mattos Pimenta, S. de Moerloose, J. Dehm, J. Dellaux, D. Desai, D.A. Dolabjian, T. Dollmaier, G. Erdem Türkelli, J.B. Etcheverry, M. Fakhri, O. Ferraz, C. Frison, L. García, J. Gibson, M. Goodwin, A. Govindjee, L.G. Guimarães, A.-L. Heusala, M. Heikkila, V. Henrique Pinto Ido, G. Jokubauskaite, M. Kaltenborn, N. Latif, Y.S. Lee, H. Lell, L. Lizarazo-Rodríguez, N. Maseka, D. Mathew, G. Mokone, N. Monebhurrun, M. Mustaniemi-Laakso, F.M. Ndahinda, S.C. Neder Cerezetti, O. Okafor, J. Okonjo, A. Ordor, A. Pecoraro, J.K. Pela, A. Punj, I. Qoraboyev, T. Qotoyi, M. Riegner, J. Rodgers, I. Sabbatella, R.L. Sakr, M. Sattorova, D. Saxena, M. Scheinin, M. Skladany, A. Škrbić, U. Soni, P. Stacey, Y. Suedi, C. Tan, D. Trubek, J. Ubink, A. Vandenbogaerde, W. Vandenhole, A. Vanni, A.C. Vieira, L.D. Villafuerte Philippsborn, P. Vrancken, A. Waris

LDRN member publications and recordings – January 2020


Klaus D. Beiter, Reductionist Intellectual Property Protection and Expansionist (and “Prodevelopment”) Competition Rules as a Human Rights Imperative? Enhancing Technology Transfer to the Global South, Law and Development Review, 14(1), 2021, 215-272 

Gamze Erdem Türkelli, Transnational Multistakeholder Partnerships as Vessels to Finance Development: Navigating the Accountability WatersGlobal Policy: Next Generation, Early View, 2021 (see video clip)


MAPS Network / Queen Mary University of London, Conflicting Responses to Refugees and Migra​nts in Covid-19 Europe, MAPS Conference, 11 December 2020 (with Deborah Casalin, University of Antwerp)


LDRN members are welcome to announce their latest publications or webinar recordings via this list – please send references and links to the Editor by the final Monday of the month

LDRN member publications & recordings – December 2020


Ajla Skrbic, Constitutional Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Can We Expect It in The Near Future?, International Association of Constitutional Law, Melbourne, Australia, 2020

Ajla Skrbic, Cijena protesta: Prakse nadleznih institucija u oblasti slobode okupljanja u BiH (BCS)/ The Price of Protests: Freedom of Assembly Practices of the Competent Institutions in BiH (ENG), Human Rights Edition, Sarajevo Open Centre, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2020


LDRN members are welcome to announce their latest publications or webinar recordings via this list – please send references and links to the Editor by the final Monday of the month (the next list will appear at the end of January)

LDRN member publications & recordings – November 2020


Karin Arts, Development Policy and European Union Politics, in William R. Thompson (ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, Oxford University Press, 2020

Karin Arts, Dinand Webbink & Myrthe de Jong, KidsRights Index 2020 Report, KidsRights Foundation, 2020 (open access)

Daniel D. Bradlow & Stephen Kim Park, A Global Leviathan Emerges: The Federal Reserve, COVID-19, and International Law, 114 American Journal of International Law 657 (2020) (open access)

Daniel Bradlow & Andria Naudé Fourie, The Multilateral Development Banks and the Management of the Human Rights Impacts of their Operations, in Surya Deva & David Birchall (eds) Research Handbook on Human Rights and Business, Edward Elgar, 2020

Daniel D. Bradlow & Elizabeth Sidiripolous (eds) Values, Interests and Power: South African Foreign Policy in Uncertain Times, Pretoria University Law Press, 2020

Miquel Muñoz Cabré, Kudakwashe Ndhlukula, Tsitsi Musasike, Daniel Bradlow, Kogan Pillay, Kevin P. Gallagher, Yunnan Chen, Josua Loots & Xinyue Ma, Expanding Renewable Energy for Access and Development: the Role of Development Finance Institutions in Southern Africa, Boston University Global Development Policy Center, 2020 (open access)

Devanshi Saxena, Intellectual Property Law and Sustainable Development in the Context of Goal 9, in Walter Leal Filho et al (eds) Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Springer, 2021

United Nations Human Rights Special Procedures, Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa & Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, How to Make Economic Reforms Consistent with Human Rights Obligations: Guiding Principles on Economic Reforms and Human Rights Impact Assessments, Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, 2020 (open access)


International Development Law Unit, Centre for Human Rights – University of Pretoria, Addressing the African Debt Conundrum, D-DebtCon, 7 September 2020

Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS), Whose climate crisis is it?, NIAS Talk (featuring Daphina Misiedjan & Jeff Handmaker, ISS), 15 October 2020


LDRN members are welcome to announce their latest publications via this list – please send references and links to the Editor by the final Monday of the month.