[Extended deadline: 15 September] Call for expressions of interest: new LDRN partner institutions

*Extended deadline: 15 September 2022*

The Law and Development Research Network (LDRN) – currently composed of over 200 individual members worldwide, as well as 17 academic partner institutions working on Law and Development in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Germany, India, the Netherlands, South Africa and the UK  – is seeking to extend its base of institutional partners to approximately 25, in order to support and strengthen its global reach and activities.

A partner institution preferably has no less than three staff members who are involved in research on law and development, and commits to contributing to activities under the auspices of LDRN, e.g. the general conference or training events for early career researchers. (These activities may take place online, in hybrid format and/or in person, as the situation permits). A partner institution could be a center, an institute, a research group, a department or perhaps even a faculty with the relevant expertise in law and development.

Representatives of interested institutions are invited to submit an expression of interest (max. 2 pages) to editor [at] lawdev.org by 1 May 2022 (subject line: LDRN partnership – expression of interest).

The following criteria will be prioritized, and should be addressed in the expression of interest:

  • The institution’s commitment to contributing actively to LDRN’s activities (this could entail organizing a general conference or PhD school, but could also take other forms, e.g. supporting organization of these events remotely; taking up organizational roles as part of an LDRN secretariat; active participation of staff members and students in LDRN activities; affiliating workshops, seminars, and other activities to LDRN; etc…)
  • Maintaining an approximate balance between partner institutions from the Global South and North in the network (Global North candidate institutions are invited to elaborate on their links to the Global South)
  • Promoting representation of institutions in least-developed countries

The expression of interest should also contain general information about the candidate partner institution, its research activities in the field of law and development, and any staff member(s) who would serve as contact points with LDRN and ensure the institution’s participation.

After the closing date, the LDRN steering committee will consider the expressions of interest received, and propose a set of new partner institutions for endorsement by existing partners. Candidates will be informed of the outcome as soon as possible.

Any preliminary questions can be addressed to the Steering Committee via editor [at] lawdev.org

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Law and Development Research Network (LDRN) seeks to enhance knowledge and understanding of the role of law, both domestic and international, in relation to development and governance, as perceived globally and locally, and is therefore concerned with the social functioning of legal systems primarily in the context of countries in the Global South. It envisages that the LDRN community will engage in fruitful discussions from both orthodox and critical perspectives on the role of law in development.