The Encyclopedia of Law and Development is here!

Koen De Feyter, Gamze Erdem Türkelli & Stéphanie de Moerloose (eds), “Encyclopedia of Law and Development” (Edward Elgar, 2021)

The Law and Development Research Network (LDRN) is thrilled to announce that the Encyclopedia of Law and Development is now available from Edward Elgar Publishing. This encyclopedia is the outcome of a long collaboration among editors and associate editors from six LDRN partner institutions, as well as around 80 contributors, including a large number of individual LDRN members (full list below). It will be accessible to institutions in the Global South via EIFL and GOALI

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This Encyclopedia is an indispensable resource on law and development  which brings together various approaches, contextualised histories, recent developments and forward-looking insights. It is an invaluable reference for scholars seeking to engage with issues at the intersection of law and development, and provides a thorough but concise overview for post-graduate students.

The Encyclopedia showcases a variety of perspectives and voices, featuring both emerging and senior researchers, as well as a majority of contributors from the Global South. This reflection of the diversity of the field and its future direction also makes the Encyclopedia a useful source for law and development curricula globally.

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‘The full realization of the right to development is still a long quest for the international community. This unique and pioneering Encyclopedia reveals and deconstructs the power of law in achieving development in its economic, social, cultural, environmental and political dimensions. De Feyter, Erdem Türkelli and de Moerloose have concocted a masterpiece that highlights how lawyers can contribute to the welfare of the developing world as much as Amartya Sen.’
– Makane Moïse Mbengue, University of Geneva & SciencesPo Law School

An online launch event will be announced soon. Subscribe to the LDRN newsletter to stay up to date!


General Editors: 

Koen De Feyter, University of Antwerp

Gamze Erdem Türkelli, University of Antwerp

Stéphanie de Moerloose, Universidad Austral 

Associate Editors: 

Philipp Dann, Humboldt University Berlin (Actors)

Avinash Govindjee, Nelson Mandela University (SDGs)

Elina Pirjatanniemi, Åbo Akademi University (Governance & Human Rights)

Celine Tan, University of Warwick (Economic Law)

Editorial Assistant: Alberto Pecoraro, University of Antwerp

Contributors: F. Adebisi, T. Adebola, S. Airey, M. Ajigboye, A. Asteriti, V. Bellinkx, J. Bendel, M.V. Berros, K. Bhatt, J. Botha, D. Casalin, D.R. Coutinho, L. Crouse, P. Dann, D. Davitti, K. de Feyter, R. de Mattos Pimenta, S. de Moerloose, J. Dehm, J. Dellaux, D. Desai, D.A. Dolabjian, T. Dollmaier, G. Erdem Türkelli, J.B. Etcheverry, M. Fakhri, O. Ferraz, C. Frison, L. García, J. Gibson, M. Goodwin, A. Govindjee, L.G. Guimarães, A.-L. Heusala, M. Heikkila, V. Henrique Pinto Ido, G. Jokubauskaite, M. Kaltenborn, N. Latif, Y.S. Lee, H. Lell, L. Lizarazo-Rodríguez, N. Maseka, D. Mathew, G. Mokone, N. Monebhurrun, M. Mustaniemi-Laakso, F.M. Ndahinda, S.C. Neder Cerezetti, O. Okafor, J. Okonjo, A. Ordor, A. Pecoraro, J.K. Pela, A. Punj, I. Qoraboyev, T. Qotoyi, M. Riegner, J. Rodgers, I. Sabbatella, R.L. Sakr, M. Sattorova, D. Saxena, M. Scheinin, M. Skladany, A. Škrbić, U. Soni, P. Stacey, Y. Suedi, C. Tan, D. Trubek, J. Ubink, A. Vandenbogaerde, W. Vandenhole, A. Vanni, A.C. Vieira, L.D. Villafuerte Philippsborn, P. Vrancken, A. Waris