PhD scholarship – socio-economic human rights and equality, University of Antwerp Law & Development Research Group, Belgium (deadline: 9 August 2021)

The Law and Development Research Group in the Faculty of Law at the University of Antwerp is looking for a full-time doctoral scholarship holder in the field of human rights law.

Deadline: 9 August 2021


  • You will work actively on the preparation and defence of a PhD thesis in the field of socio-economic human rights and equality. Human rights law may make a distinctive contribution to socio-economic distribution. Yet, it has thus far not shown as much interest in socio-economic inequality as in status inequality, and may also not be optimally equipped to tackle equality in socio-economic distribution. This project seeks to future-proof human rights law by making it more (pre-)distributive by design. In particular, it will focus on strengthening the equality principle in human rights law in order to address socio-economic inequality within countries.
  • You will publish scientific articles related to the research project.
  • You will carry out a limited number of teaching and research support tasks for the Law and Development Research Group and the Faculty of Law.

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